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High Angle Activities

These activities take place at specialized locations that can accommodate the challenging nature and safe presentation of these 'off ropes course' activities. Delta Staff are highly competent in the design, preparation and presentation of these true portable Adventure Based experiences.


Climbing and Rappelling

Delta uses Rock Climbing and Cliff Rappelling around Canada as an exciting experience that creates the same types of outcomes as Ropes Course experiences. These activities can also be incorporated into themed events such as treasure hunts and adventure races. And we are not restricted to the wilderness. We can access indoor climbing facilities and have several locations where we conduct rappelling from atop tall buildings.


Tyrolean Traverse/Zip

A 'Tyrolean' is simply getting from A to B while suspended from a horizontal cable or rope by a safety system. The traverse can be 10 feet or even 100 feet off the ground, go across canyons or over raging rivers (yes, real ones). When the angle of the Tyrolean slopes downward from top to bottom it becomes a 'Zip', and that is an experience that will make a lasting impression on anyone.