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High Ropes Activities

High Ropes Activities are conducted on professionally constructed courses in a wide-variety of locations worldwide. Although the challenge and risk appear to rest solely with the individuals who choose to go 30-feet in the air and participation, trust and shared risk are required as team members manage the safety systems that make these activities safer than driving to work.


The Catwalk

The Catwalk is simply a round pole hung horizontally at 30 feet in the air. Participants climb vertical poles to reach it, then either one at a time or as a partner team they walk across the pole from the end to end. Safety systems managed by team members on the ground require constant communication and coordination from the entire team.


The Pamper Pole

The Pamper Pole is often called 'The Leap of Faith' or the 'Aerial Trust Commitment Dive'. Whatever the name, the activity is singular in its' challenge and the adrenaline rush it produces for everyone involved. Leaping off a 30-foot pole to ring a bell 6-feet out before your safety system kicks in is an experience that no one forgets.