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Low Ropes Activities

Low Ropes activities involve individuals and teams in experiences that are 1 - 12 feet off the ground. Individuals challenge themselves and teams work together in an atmosphere of string support to attack the problem and overcome the obstacles.


The Nitro Crossing

A simple task: Have the entire team cross an acid river carrying a bucket of Nitroglycerin using only the swinging rope that hangs above the river. Not to worry, the nitro isn't real and the river is a metaphor, but the challenge is the same. Don't touch the river and don't drop the nitro or the team could be stuck on the wrong side.


The Team Wall

'The Wall' is a vertical, smooth-sided, 12-foot wall with a platform at the top. The wall stands in the way of the group's journey and they must get the entire team over the top. The challenge lies in the rules where no equipment can be used in the ascent, and as each person gets to the top they become unable to help others in their climb.