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Water Based Activities

The challenge of leaving the ground does not always involve a vertical ascent. In the right weather conditions, your team could be travelling across the water for many reasons including navigation challenges, races, treasure hunts or just the joy of getting out on the water.



The great Canadian pastime. Delta's professional water-based staff can lead canoeing experiences ranging from simple recreational outings to races, navigation journeys and even Sea Kayaking Experiences. Under the right (safe) circumstances might require one or more of the canoe crew to be blindfolded or work without conventional paddles. We even have an activity that involves getting a team of 10 people from point A to B using only one canoe - in one trip...and that's the easy part of the challenge!


Raft Building

Imagine having to build your own 'seaworthy' vessel from scratch. And then you and your teammates board the vessel for journey across the water that could involve any number of tasks: a race, a water rescue scenario or simply a crossing from A to B. The point is not to get wet, but we always keep plenty of towels around just in case. This challenge really tests a team's ability to follow a complex project through from start to finish.