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Cross-Team Challenges

In the world of teamwork, high-performing teams often have to work cooperatively with other high-performing teams. In these types of activities 2 or more teams are challenged to cooperatively merge their positive team performance. All elements of effective teamwork are demonstrated through these activities, and afterwards the cooperating teams will easily link their success strategies back to the work environment.


Bridge Building

Two or more teams are given identical sets of building materials to construct their section of a large bridge over which a truck can be driven. The challenge is that teams are restricted in their ability to communicate and co-plan with each other. In the conclusion, all the bridge sections are brought together for the final test.


Front Office Back Office

Simulating the situations in many organizations, individual teams with specific responsibilities -- design, planning, system integration and construction -- work in isolation with only 2-way radios or message runners to communicate. Success is achieved when the final project is brought together for presentation.