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What Are The Primary Methods In Meeting Facilitation?

The facilitator will use several key tools before and during the process including:

  1. Effective Assessment and Analysis tools to understand the real objectives.
  2. A comprehensive knowledge of processes, models and tools that can be creatively sequenced together for a specific group to accomplish those objectives.
  3. Group management methods including motivation, direction/re-direction, negotiation, conflict management, sub-grouping, reflection/self-facilitation and point-development/presentation.
  4. Information and outcome generation tools such as Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Values Definition, Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning, Decision Grids, Force Field Analysis and Group Problem Solving/Decision Making tools.
  5. Some processes use modern Decision Support Technology, a computer-based system of gathering ideas, solving problems and creating effective decisions.
  6. The ability to develop a strong 'Common Ground' with the group they are working with, and the ability to share an equally strong commitment to achieve positive outcomes.