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Coaching - Partnering For Excellence

By Cheryl Andrew & Mary Brady of Syndectics


A company's reputation for quality and service depends on how well its managers guide employees to consistently achieve excellence. However, traditional coaching models are left wanting in that they encourage managers to ignore situations where performance and attitudinal issues get in the way of an employee's success. Unfortunately this situation will not go away! Our coaching model is twofold. Directive Coaching focuses on skill development, while Supportive Coaching builds trusting relationships. Our approach will make all the difference when a manager truly wants to partner for excellence.


1 Day


Combination of lecturette, interactive discussion, reflection and planning, key learning presentations and experiential activities.

Key Learning Points:

On completion of the program you will be able to:

  • Determine when to Coach in order to enhance productivity as well as recognize and reinforce positive performance
  • Determine when to use Directive Coaching and when to use Supportive Coaching in order to help employees recognize problem areas in their own performance and empower them to self-correct
  • Become familiar with a straightforward problem recognition model
  • Build a real time coaching model
  • Introduce frameworks for conducting an effective coaching meetings for teams and individuals that will have a positive impact on performance
  • Assess your own coaching effectiveness


Customizable Points:

Distorted self perception? When it comes to skill development that sticks what you don't know can and will hurt you! Management! Profiling© fills the feedback void that exists when you examine your behaviour in the light of only one source ... you!

  • Analyse current levels of specific leadership expertise.
  • Indicates skill areas to change of improve Enhances leader ability to cope with pressure and change.

Offered under exclusive license from Syndectics, this program emphasizes self-awareness and activity-based learning that enables ready transfer of new skills and knowledge to the realities of your workplace.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Develop your Directive Coaching skills to improve productivity and reinforce positive performance.
  • Help redirect an employee's problem behaviour by using Supportive Coaching techniques.
  • Build top quality working relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Construct the coaching framework that will work best in your organization.
  • Through an in-session clinic, develop action plans for immediate application of Directive and Supportive Coaching back in the workplace.
  • Realize the full potential of every employee and direct report.


Additional Information:

- One-Day Program Outline -

- Setting the Stage -

Discuss the challenges and benefits of Directive and Supportive Coaching in your organization. Understand the characteristics of effective coaches.

- Practical Guidance and Essential Ideas -

Develop Directive and Supportive Coaching skills by exploring useful tips, strategies, frameworks and guidelines for conducting successful coaching sessions.

- Pitfalls -

Discover why you avoid coaching. Learn how to dodge typical coaching pitfalls.

- A Real Time Model -

Construct the Directive and Supportive Coaching model most relevant for you organization.

- Know Thyself -

Diagnose your own coaching strengths and challenges.

- Is it Directive of Supportive Coaching? -

A series of mini case studies will check understanding, and immediately move to application of, the full coaching model.

- Clinic Time -

Build on the skills learned in this session. Working in teams, coach each other in determining the most effective way to handle work place performance issues using the strategies and techniques of the full coaching model.

- Partnering for Excellence -

Program synthesis and action planning at the individual level for workplace implementation of the Directive and Supportive Coaching model.