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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 17:08

The Delta Follow-Up Commitment

Since its inception, Delta Synergy has been committed to providing training and development that has long-term impact. for that reason, all Delta synergy training and development programs include follow-up processes and programs as part of the overall program design. As a standard option, Delta provides 1/2 day of follow-up training for every one-day of training provided. Delivered within 90 days of the original program, a follow-up program will re-visit the outcomes and action plans from the original program and allow participants to re-connect with the energy and commitment from the original program.

Beyond a single customized follow-up program session, Delta has worked creatively with our clients to design and implement a wide variety of follow-up processes including On Line Follow Up Tools, Manager Directed Follow Up Processes, Facilitated Focus Groups, Teleconference Coaching Services and many more.